Jessie's words

This single channel video unfolds ideas of dislocation and burden, through sensing relations between spaces, architectural (cabin, forest, formal and informal or actual and imaginal. Filmed in the ancient forest in Oxbow Michigan on the banks of the Kalamazoo river.

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Musical chairs

The split screen work shows a performance party held at Oxbow Michigan, where the performers are playing a childhood game of Musical Chairs, using historic chairs that have been adorned and painted by previous artist residents (alumni) to the foundation. It is by turns hilarious and repetitive, slow/fast and surprisingly tense.

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Percipere, 8" six screen projection

To perceive outside of the range of senses, seeing beyond, being witnesss to something outside of the frame, are all phrases contained in the title of this work.

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Hollow, 28” four screen installation

Hollow is a four screen video projection, it examines the specificities of an active military zone on Salisbury Plane in relation to its histories and potential narratives.

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Coast:six short minutes

Coast:six short minutes 6" three screen installation

"Coast:six short minutes" is a twin projection video installation, filmed in Slapton Devon, it uses experiential video of the site, accurate archive film and reclaimed samples of old feature films.

The work explores notions of place and is in part, influenced by Virilio’s texts on the often-unwanted reception of external media, which imposes itself on how landscape is consumed; this he expressed in the quintessential phrase ‘Hell of Images’ which he tries without success to rid his mind of when in the act of perception.

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Shelter 11 2" 7' split screen single projection

A split- screen single projection. The right hand visual shows footage of a pillbox, a type 22 that is situated at the edge of the Kennet and Avon Canal.

These structures were built around 1943 to put political salve on a disquieted nation, most of these interior defence lines or ‘stop lines’ as they are known were never put to use.

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Inness 10" single screen projection

"Inness", single projection. This quietly reflective work  seeks to renegotiate the act of being within, the large scale projection is at once both familiar and strange.

“Inness” is the quality of being within, a place where the outside light tells of further possibilities but barely illuminates the present.

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"Tautegorical" (2005)

In 1825 Colleridge coined a word "tautegorical" to express an idea of something that is the same and therefore familiar, which when shown to be inherently different, creates an unfamiliarity or shift of the familiar.

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"Unnatural tendencies" (2005)

This film unfolds a series of encounters between birds, who are alternatively guarding and pecking at fruit amid a hard winter frost.

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