"Tautegorical" (2005)

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"Tautegorical" (2005) - Video Projection 3“40’ loop size variable

“Tautegorical” single projection loop. This videowork takes the form of a circle, almost like a portal to another space, as the camera traverses an abandoned garden. The circular gaze implies surveillance.

This film investigates the texture, colour and chaotic form of an abandoned garden, a view of nature underscored by violence and threat. The film, enhanced by the soundtrack, has implications of surveillance; the circular image concentrates the gaze and shifting ever forwards the viewer is unable to settle, how long can this state be endured? The title is a word constructed by Coleridge in 1825 that expresses the concept of something which although the same and therefore familiar is shown as inherently different, thereby creating an unfamiliarity or shift of the familiar.

Installation View. Prema Arts Centre. 2005


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